Design & Technology

Unity Prep’s unique Design & Technology (D&T) courses provide opportunities for students to apply what they are learning in their core-content courses to the design process and the diverse body of skills that it entails, such as critical thinking, researching, collecting and representing data, communicating, and problem-solving. While engaging in this process, students become proficient in the use of essential technological resources, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, email applications, web conferencing, file hosting services, cloud storage systems, and web design, and have further opportunities to advance their skills in programming, modeling, and graphic design software as upperclassmen. Unity Prep’s 6th grade D&T course serves as a foundations course as students learn the basics of the creative process and how it is applied. As students engage in course projects, they become familiar with guidelines for working in teams, assigning and fulfilling roles, monitoring their own work as well as their partners’, and constructively communicating feedback to peers. The grades 7-12 courses, including courses in product, graphic, interior, fashion/textile, and web design, will build on the foundational course as students participate in increasingly complex design projects and experience greater autonomy over their project work. Unity Prep’s D&T classes include the following features:

  • Project-based learning: each unit representing a project that provides opportunities to develop and apply essential organizational and management skills
  • Students working in teams: team members working in specific roles and holding one another accountable through peer reviews and team-based deadlines
  • Problem- and solution-centered learning: each project representing an identified problem or opportunity to improve a given condition in the school or local community, with students creating solutions to these problems under the teacher’s guidance
  • Interdisciplinary/core content reinforcement: students applying skills and concepts they are learning and developing in their core-content courses to reinforce key skills and concepts
  • Technology as a tool: students learning to use technology through direct applications to their project work, including storage and maintenance of class assignments and files
  • Presentations and demonstrations: students celebrating their work and the skills and processes involved through oral and visual presentations and demonstrations