World Languages & Culture

Unity Prep’s world language program currently offers Spanish language study. As the school expands, offerings will include a minimum of two world languages. Spanish courses focus on developing student proficiency in the reading, writing, speaking and listening, and language strands of the Common Core Learning Standards and the National Standards for Learning Languages (NSLL). The NSLL emphasize communicating proficiently in a language other than English, gaining knowledge and understanding of other cultures, connecting language learning across disciplines, developing insight into the nature of language and culture, and speaking a foreign language both within and beyond the school setting. World Languages & Culture classes include the following features:

  • Language immersion: students experiencing a foreign language by listening to and speaking exclusively in that language at appropriate levels of challenge
  • Abundant opportunities for speaking and writing: students developing oral and written communication skills through cross-disciplinary projects such as interviews, skits, presentations, and translations related to their ELA and social studies coursework
  • Cultural experiences and exposure: students learning about the historical, political, artistic, and cultural traditions and contexts of the language through coursework, field lessons, performances, and enrichment both on-site and in the local community and the city at large
  • Interdisciplinary/core content reinforcement: language teachers, in collaboration with core-content teachers, reinforcing skills (i.e., accountable talk) and content (i.e., key concepts, academic and core-content vocabulary) across subject areas, such as learning Spanish adjectives to apply to a concurrent ELA unit on character study
  • Blended learning: students working with a computer-assisted language learning program that is interactive, individualized, and supported by a solid research base (i.e., Rosetta Stone) to boost engagement, remediate or accelerate learning, and assess student content mastery