Middle School Social Worker



School Overview

Unity Preparatory Charter School of Brooklyn (Unity), a grade six through twelve, tuition-free, public charter school in Brooklyn, New York, is now in its first year and serves 135 sixth graders and their families. Our mission is to empower students as scholars and citizens so they may lead fulfilling academic, personal, and professional lives. We accomplish this through a rigorous academic program, including a college preparatory curriculum in the liberal arts and sciences, exceptional teaching promoted through systems that develop and recognize expert teachers, extended learning time, and differentiated academic support. In addition, we offer to students an engaging co-curricular program that encompasses enrichment courses and elective clubs, a supportive school culture that fosters students’ socio-emotional development, and ample opportunities for active community involvement.

Job Description

A Unity Social Worker plays a critical role in developing and implementing the school’s mental health and counseling services, preventive programming, and crisis management to ensure that all students’ social and emotional development is well supported. She/he also plays a key in the coordination of delivery of special education services. The Social Worker reports directly to the Senior Social Worker and the Head of School and works closely with the Director of Culture & Enrichment, Dean of Students, Director of Support Services and other members of Unity’s student support personnel.


I. Identification & Evaluation

    • Identifies and assesses students for evaluation and possible interventions based on prior school records, daily attendance, disciplinary referrals, Kickboard data, anecdotal reports from teachers, and ongoing referrals from teachers and school staff
    • Manages the ongoing counseling / mental health / behavioral referrals from teachers, staff, students, parents and counselors 

II. Interventions

    • Provides one-on-one or group counseling in compliance with student Individualized Education Programs (IEPs)
    • Identifies internal resources (counseling or other) to address current and emerging student and family need, facilitates the implementation of appropriate school-based intervention and/or connects students and families to appropriate outside resources
    • Provides one-on-one or small group counseling (ongoing or short-term) to “at-risk” students to address social/emotional needs and barriers to student success 
    • Implements specially designed one-on-one or small group interventions for students who require social/emotional support and/ or who consistently violate Unity’s Code of Conduct to create timely, efficient, flexible and effective solutions to behavioral issues

III. Communication and Oversight

    • Meets regularly with the Head of School, Director of Culture & Enrichment, Director of Support Services, and Dean of Students to analyze school-wide and individual disciplinary data and evaluate the school environment to ensure that it is safe and conducive to learning
    • Serves on the Support Services Team in supporting students with Individualized Education Programs and various academic, social and emotional needs
    • Implements policies around crisis intervention, particularly around child abuse and neglect reporting and students who are threat to themselves or others
    • Manages mandated reporting of suspected abuse and neglect and serves as liaison between staff, child welfare organizations, families and the school

IV. Supervision and Management

    • Provides supervision for MSW intern including clinical supervision, task supervision, and overall day-to-day management 

IV. Staff Support

    • Provides general education teachers, special education teachers, and learning specialists with information and professional development to identify and best support the needs of students and families
    • Works with the Director of Culture & Enrichment to develop and implement curriculum for social and emotional development/intervention with students 

V. Compliance and Record Management

    • Maintains all administrative aspects of counseling, social services, and special education services provided, including timely and accurate documentation for compliance with the Committee on Special Education (CSE) 

VI. External Services

    • Identifies resources, develops relationships with and cultivates linkages to external sources for referral of students and families, and acts as a representative for Unity in consortia, cooperatives, and professional organizations to better leverage resources and coordinate services
    • Based on assessment of current and emerging student and family needs, manages the referral process for individuals and families to external resources and services
    • Monitors and facilitates the delivery of external resources and services, and serves as liaison between outside mental health and other services providers for students and families and school
    • Evaluates impact and quality of external resources and services 

VII. Communication with Families

    • Maintains regular contact with families of students receiving counseling services or other supportive interventions
    • Partners with school leadership and staff to conduct home visits and records procurement for newly enrolled students
    • Partners with the Family & Community Partnership Coordinator to design and coordinate family-engagement and family-education activities including monthly community meetings 

VIII. Other

    • Performs other operations-related tasks consistent with the goals and objectives of this position 

Key Qualifications

      • LCSW or LMSW degree and a proven track record of supporting student learning; at least two years of formal social work experience in schools preferred
      • SIFI certification preferred
      • Prior school administrative experience or other relevant leadership experience; demonstrably strong organizational and case-management skills
      • Expertise in working with diverse populations of students and families
      • An acumen for actively engaging students in their own learning and social and emotional development
      • A demonstrated openness and responsiveness to constructive feedback and a strong commitment to continuous improvement and professional growth
      • Strong written and oral communication skills and experience working collaboratively in team settings
      • Approaches the profession with maturity, humility, versatility (i.e., embraces the ambiguity and excitement associated with start-ups), a solutions-mindedness with a strong work ethic, and, of course, a sense of humor 

As an equal opportunity employer, Unity Preparatory Charter School of Brooklyn hires without consideration to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, or disability.