We believe that creating a positive and supportive school culture is absolutely critical to our mission of developing our students into not only well-educated scholars, but also productive citizens who contribute to the improvement of their communities. At Unity, we subscribe to the philosophy of “educating the whole child.” Character Education and Social and Emotional Learning are just as critical to a student’s success as the core academic subjects. Accordingly, Unity will place a high priority on teaching students to eliminate stress and manage their emotions, resolve conflicts peacefully, maintain a positive, optimistic attitude, and become model citizens in the community.

At any point in a student’s day, from core academic classes to clubs and teams, students will be presented opportunities to exhibit Unity’s six Core Values in their decisions and actions:


Students are aware of their own state of mind and emotions. They are able to manage their emotions and behaviors and make healthy, constructive choices. They are aware of how they are perceived by others and of the impact of their words and actions on others.


Students take responsibility for their own learning and development as scholars and citizens. Students demonstrate initiative in establishing and achieving goals without being asked by adults.


Students treat others the way they would like to be treated, creating a community in which everyone is nice to one another.


Students speak the truth and earn the respect of others by being sincere. Students don’t falter in the face of difficult decisions; they choose the harder right over the easier wrong.


Students demonstrate the strength to overcome challenges and don’t hesitate to ask for help when they need it. They demonstrate grit by following through on commitments to create the change they desire.


Students seek the truth and do not hesitate to ask thoughtful questions to obtain thoughtful answers. Students demonstrate a constant desire to acquire new knowledge and skills.

The programs described in this section aim to create a school culture in which students feel a sense of unity with their peers and teachers, believe in the power of a great education, and take responsibility for their actions as both citizens and scholars.