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MS Boys Volleyball


W. Wilbert

D. Small

J. Thomas

N. Reid

A. Sandy

R. Molina

K. Jimbo

M. Diop

M. St. Louis

R. Macon

This was only the second match of the season for the Lady Panther, middle school, volleyball team. Their opponent was McKinley Middle School from south Brooklyn.
Our ladies, played very nervous. With so many 6th graders on the court, you can understand why. However, unlike their last match – against IS 281, Unity played better. Growth has happened!
Coach Patrick was very excited to see each player improve in some form or another.
Better attempts at serving. More volleyballs going over the net. A play where there were three full contacts!
Shout out goes to Brook-Lyn Monger (8th Grade) the team captain for serving up all of Unity Prep’s point yesterday in the loss.
The Lady Panthers play at Brooklyn Prospect Middle School this Thursday.
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