Parents and Families

We believe that Unity Prep will be made better, and positive school culture will be deepened, with meaningful and consistent involvement from parents and the surrounding community. We welcome all community members at Unity’s monthly board meetings. Board meetings will be well publicized throughout the school, in letters sent home to parents, and on the school website. We will also establish a Family Partnership & Volunteer Corps (FPVC) that will meet regularly and allow parents and teachers the opportunity to collaborate in addressing the most pressing issues facing Unity Prep students inside and outside of the classroom. Subcommittees of the FPVC will be organized to provide parents opportunities to participate in activities such as chaperoning student trips, after-school clubs, optional evening tutoring, and summer retreats.

To further empower parents and create additional methods for them to participate in their children’s educations, parents will have access to the Unity Prep Internet portal. Using this portal, parents will have real-time access to information about school meetings and events in addition to information about their child’s academic progress (including the student’s records in each course, ongoing learning portfolio work, and preparation for the end-of-year Roundtable presentation) and her/his School Bucks account. Though parents will always be welcomed at the school whenever they wish to visit, the Unity Prep portal will also allow parents to schedule classroom visits with teachers and/or after-work meetings during teachers’ weekly office hours. Teachers will also reach out to parents by telephone and email to share both accomplishments and areas in need of improvement. Parent-teacher conferences, held at least three times annually, are also opportunities for parents to engage Unity Prep staff. Furthermore, a faculty member with experience in community engagement will assume the integral role of Family & Community Partnership Coordinator. This individual will spend a significant portion of her/his day focused exclusively on building strong connections with families and the community and will have a budget to organize monthly events such as multicultural potluck dinners and family movie nights. Finally, we will host open house sessions for all new students and families and make home visits to all of these families to personally welcome them to the Unity Prep community, communicate the school’s values, explain our deep commitment to the academic and personal success of each child, and outline the support we will need from them to achieve this success.