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Our Initial Results:

Given that many of our students enroll in Unity with academic skills that are multiple years behind grade level, we focus our efforts on long-term, academic and non-academic growth, which are central to our mission, rather than “quick fixes” such as stand-alone, annual test score results, which are only weakly correlated to the long-term outcomes. By focusing on accelerating incremental growth each year, we believe that we are best serving our students’ long-term endeavors, including but not limited to high school graduation, college readiness, and active community service. As a school only in our fifth year of operation, we have enjoyed a number of successes that demonstrate our promise in fully delivering on our mission.  Recent academic and extracurricular achievements in 2016-17 include:

  • Our middle school students, on average, outperformed their district peers in mathematics and ELA on state exams

  • Our students across all grades who comprise subgroups that are traditionally least effectively served by our education system, including our students classified as economically disadvantaged, black, Latino, and students with disabilities, significantly outperformed their district and state peers on state exams

  • Our high school students, who have experienced the education we offer longest, soundly outperformed the state, overall, on their Regents exams in Algebra I and Living Environment

  • Among other key educational milestones our students experienced in 2016-17:

    • 90% of our 400 students successfully completed their end-of-year Roundtable presentation – a 45-minute oral presentation given to families, Unity faculty, and community members

    • 100% of our 400 students participated in an afternoon extra-curricular activity and 45% of our student body were members of an athletic team – for many, this was a first-time experience

    • 100% of our 9th grade students completed a full-year course in college and career readiness, including official visits to 5 colleges and career luncheons with over 40  successful professional from a variety of fields (our current sophomores have been to seven schools – Vassar, Harvard, Howard, Georgetown, SUNY Purchase, Wesleyan, and Columbia).

    • As a first-year high school, a number of our 9th grade students participated in professional internships and college-prep programs beyond our school building

    • 80% of our 9th grade students participated in a formal community service initiative

The 2016-17 School Quality Guide for Unity, a citywide survey conducted by the NYDOE and completed by students, students’ families, and our faculty reflected satisfaction rates that were higher than the district and citywide averages. Results of special note include:

  • 96% of families reported that Unity keeps their child on track for college, career, and success in life after high school

  • 93% of families reported that Unity offers a wide variety of courses, extracurricular activities, and services, which help keep their child interested in school

  • 96% of families reported that teachers and parent/guardians think of each other as partners in educating children

  • 97% of families reported they are satisfied with the education at Unity

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