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Update for Thursday, June 8th

Dear students and families of Unity,

Due to the unsafe air-quality conditions throughout the city, we will move to an asynchronous learning day tomorrow, Thursday, June 8th.

All students will not report to school for in-person learning.  Instead, students will log into their Google Classroom accounts to obtain coursework assigned by their teachers.  Assignments should be posted by 9am and should be completed by 3pm.  In order to receive credit for tomorrow’s asynchronous learning day, students must complete one the two Google attendance forms below, depending on their grade level:

Teachers will be available from 9am to 3:30pm tomorrow to support students as they complete their assignments.  Within these hours, students should contact teachers via Jupiter with any questions or to request support or guidance.  

At this time, our plan is to resume regular in-person learning in our school buildings on Friday, June 9th.  We will communicate directly with you via Jupiter if there is any change in our plan.

Most importantly, we encourage our entire community to care for their safety by taking the appropriate precautions, including limiting outdoor activity and staying inside.  For a more detailed version of how to best care for your family’s safety, visit: https://www.nytimes.com/2023/06/07/us/wildfire-smoke-safety-asthma-high-risk.html

Unexpected circumstances such as this current health concern are never easy to negotiate.  On behalf of our school, I thank you for making the necessary adjustments to best support your child’s education.


In unity,

Joshua Beauregard

Head of School

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