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Athletics at Unity Prep

Owen Egharevba
Owen Egharevba

Athletics is an integral part of the academic experience at Unity Preparatory Charter School of Brooklyn.  With over 22 teams competing in 14 different sports at intermediate, junior and varsity levels, there is tremendous opportunity for participation.  Forty percent of the student body participate annually in athletics. Competitive athletics begins in grade 6, with a goal of having all students participate in a sport.

Unity Prep’s general philosophy for athletics affirms the development of the cultural, intellectual and physical potential of each student.  It encourages student athletes to become their personal best and to be true team players with the idea that teamwork is what defines winning.  Coaches constantly diffuse the “win at all costs” attitude that is prevalent in middle and high school athletics.

Intermediate teams are selected with the purpose of having a balance among the teams and focus on developing the fundamentals while encouraging participation.  At the junior varsity level, the goal is to continue to balance teams but in combinations that will foster growth and developmental toward the varsity level.  At the varsity level, there is a stronger emphasis on competition but within the context of good sportsmanship and honesty.  Winning is not the ultimate yardstick at Unity Prep, but rather growth through athletics.

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