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Middle School New Student Experience

Below is important information that all prospective and new families should know about Unity Middle School. You will find our bell schedule, dress code policy, private bus routes, and more!

Please contact Mr. Beckford with any questions or if you are interested in applying: cbeckford@unityprep.org / 862-294-0219.

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Unity Middle School Academics

Unity Middle School in Brooklyn offers a comprehensive liberal arts and sciences curriculum, preparing students for college and beyond. The mission of Unity is to empower students as scholars and citizens so they may lead fulfilling academic, personal, and professional lives. Our small, co-taught classes are led by dedicated and experienced educators, ensuring personalized attention for each student with two teachers in each classroom. Tutoring is available during the school day and afterschool.

In addition to core subjects, we offer enriching electives like Theater and Visual Design, enhancing our students’ overall educational experience. Our proven track record showcases significant growth in our students’ academic abilities, with many 8th graders successfully taking high school-level courses, including Algebra 1 and the Earth Science Regents.


Unity Bell Schedule

  • Each student is assigned an advisory class and an advisor. During advisory, students have an opportunity to focus on social emotional learning, current and upcoming events, and gain academic support.
  • Community Meeting is a grade level specific gathering that helps to foster a sense of belonging and unity among students. These meetings provide a platform to share important updates, address grade level concerns, and build school culture.


Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays

6th-7th Grades8th Grade
Breakfast7:20 - 7:38Breakfast7:20 - 7:38
AM Advisory7:40 - 7:55AM Advisory7:40 - 7:55
17:58 - 8:4617:58 - 8:46
28:49 - 9:4028:49 - 9:40
Snack9:40 - 9:46Snack9:40 - 9:46
39:49 - 10:3739:49 - 10:37
410:40 - 11:28410:40 - 11:28
5 (Tutoring)11:29 - 11:595 (Tutoring)11:29 - 11:59
612:02 - 12:50612:02 - 12:50
7 (Lunch/Recess)12:53 - 1:38712:53 - 1:41
81:42 - 2:308 (Lunch/ Recess)1:50 - 2:30
92:33 - 3:2192:33 - 3:21
PM Advisory3:23 - 3:35PM Advisory3:23 - 3:35
Reflection3:40 - 4:00Reflection3:40 - 4:00
Athletics/Clubs3:40 - 5:00Athletics/Clubs3:40 - 5:00


Half Day Wednesdays

Community Meeting or Extended Advisory
Breakfast7:20 - 7:38
AM Advisory7:40 - 7:55
17:58 - 8:43
28:46- 9:31
Snack9:31 - 9:41
39:44 - 10:29
410:32 - 11:17
511:20 - 12:05
6 - Advisory12:08 - 12:53
Lunch12:53 - 1:15


Sample: 6th Grade  Schedule

Advisory7:40 - 7:55AM Advisory
17:58 - 8:46Physical Education or Dance
28:49 - 9:38ELA - Reading Comprehension
Snack 9:38-9:46
39:49 - 10:37ELA - Writing Skills
410:40 - 11:28Science
511:29 - 11:59ELA Tutoring/ Math Tutoring
612:02 -12:50Theater
712:53 - 1:38Lunch
81:42-2:30History / Social Studies
92:33 -3:21Math
Advisory3:23- 3:35PM Advisory


Sample: 7th Grade Schedule

Advisory7:40 - 7:55AM Advisory
17:58 - 8:46Math
28:49 - 9:38Physical Education or Dance
Snack 9:38-9:46
39:49 - 10:37Science
410:40 - 11:28ELA - Reading Comprehension
511:29 - 11:59Math Tutoring
612:02 -12:50History / Social Studies
712:53 - 1:38Lunch
81:42-2:30Visual Arts
92:33 -3:21ELA - Writing Skills
Advisory3:23- 3:35PM Advisory


Sample: 8th Grade  Schedule

Advisory7:40 - 7:55AM Advisory
17:58 - 8:46High School Regents Algebra
28:49 - 9:38Physical Education or Dance
Snack 9:38-9:46(Health 1x per week)
39:49 - 10:37High School Earth Science
410:40 - 11:28ELA - Reading Comprehension
511:29 - 11:59Math Tutoring
612:02 -12:50History / Social Studies
712:53 - 1:38Lunch
92:33 -3:21ELA - Writing Skills
Advisory3:23- 3:35PM Advisory


Unity Special Education Services for Students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs)

At Unity, we work to ensure that all students with disabilities receive their mandated special education services. As an open-enrollment school, we encourage all families to apply to our school and accept new students regardless of their disability classification. We offer Integrated Co-Taught (ICT) classes with two teachers in each classroom, Special Education Teacher Support Services (SETSS), and other related services including counseling, speech, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. This includes the support of Unity’s two full-time social workers who make sure students with IEPs receive counseling services. Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy are provided on-site by a third-party vendor.


Unity Dress Code                                                                       

The student dress code applies to all middle school students for the entire school day, except during physical education and dance days (when students are allowed to wear Unity’s physical education uniform for the day). The school dress code also applies to field trips, site visits, and other school-related activities, unless Unity informs students otherwise. Students have the opportunity to earn dressdown passes throughout the school year for special events.


Footwear: any kind/color footwear is allowed, including sneakers, athletic shoes, and boots (must be closed toe)


Unity Private School Bus

Unity offers 2 FREE private bus routes for our students. Our goal is for every student to be within a 5-minute walk of a bus stop, with priority given to our youngest students who live the furthest distance.

Unity Prep
Private Bus 2022-23
Unity Prep Bus Route 1Unity Prep Bus Route 2
Vandalia Avenue & Elton Street6:30am
Liberty Avenue & Crescent Street
Cozine Avenue & Hendrix Street6:35am
Sutter Avenue & Atkins Avenue
Flatlands Avenue & East 108Th Street6:38am
Sutter Avenue & Hendrix Street
Seaview Avenue & East 102Nd Street6:39am
Sutter Avenue & Wyona Street
Seaview Avenue & 91St Street6:42am
Livonia Avenue & Pennsylvania Avenue
East 80Th Street & Flatlands Avenue6:43am
Livonia Avenue & Williams Avenue
East 80Th Street & Farragut Road6:48am
Livonia Avenue & Powell Street
Ralph Avenue & Clarendon Road6:50am
Livonia Avenue & Watkins Street
7:00amRalph Avenue & Church Avenue6:55amRockaway Avenue & Linden Blvd
7:05amRemsen Avenue & Rutland Road6:58amRockaway Parkway & Linden Blvd
7:08amUtica Avennue & Carroll Street7:00amRockaway Parkway & Willmohr Street
7:13amTroy Avenue & St Johns Place7:07amRalph Avenue & Park Place
7:15amBainbridge Street & Lewis Avenue7:08amRalph Avenue & Bergen Street
7:20amSchool 439 Madison Street7:13amRalph Avenue & Bainbridge Avenue
7:15amJefferson Avenue & Patchen Avenue
7:20amSchool 439 Madison Street


Unity Sports & Athletics

Middle school students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of athletic activities after normal school hours. In order to participate, students must try out for that team at the beginning of the trimester. Practice is held on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:40 – 5:15pm. Sports are seasonal: fall, winter, and spring.

  • Fall:Flag Football, Soccer, Girls Volleyball, Cross Country, Step
  • Winter: Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Dance, Cheerleading and Step
  • Spring: Track, Girls & Boys Volleyball, Baseball, Soccer, and Step

Unity Clubs

Middle school students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of fun and engaging activities after normal school hours. Please some of the clubs that have been offered at Unity below:

  • Joy Con Club (Nintendo Switch Club)
  • O.K.E. (Women of Knowledge & Empowerment)
  • Gardening Club
  • Tahitian Dance
  • Yearbook Club
  • Short Film Club
  • Drama Club

St. Nick’s After school Program

In partnership with St. Nicks Alliance, Unity offers free after school programming for extended hours at the end of the school day. St. Nick’s staff oversee the program and offer a full schedule of events for students to partake in, including field trips outside of NYC. Some programs made available include: homework help, music/drumline, martial arts, and more! These programs run afterschool on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 3:40 – 6:00pm and Wednesdays from 1:20 – 4:30pm.

Unity Prep High School

All Unity Middle School graduates have a guaranteed seat into Unity High School. Unity High School is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and serves students grades 9-12 through a comprehensive liberal arts education grounded in college readiness. Elective courses include College & Career Readiness, Dance, Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, Spanish, and the Literature of Anime and Graphic Novels. After graduating, 100% of Unity High School students have been accepted into college. As an Advanced Placement-4-All High School, Unity offers the opportunity for students to take 10 college classes for free while in high school, and helps families find financial aid and scholarship opportunities.

Unity High School’s rock climbing club climbs to new heights!


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