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A Letter to Unity Prep Families


Good afternoon, families of Unity,

With the elections results fresh on the minds of so many of our students and community members today, it is important that we as a school make time to support our students in making sense of any uncertainty they may be experiencing.

In a number of our middle school and high school classes today, including our history classes, students had an opportunity to share their feelings.  I had the honor of sitting in on a 9th grade history class this morning in which students were able to reflect on the election results, ask questions of one another, and pose out their insights and concerns in an honest and lively forum.  It was inspiring to observe and I take pride in seeing our students continue to evolve as informed and engaged community members.

In the spirit of standing in unity with you in supporting your child’s education, I forward an article that was shared with me and with staff that may serve as a resource for discussions you have with your kids at home about the election results (What Do We Tell The Children?).  Excerpted from the article are the following key messages to your child that we stand by as school:

· We will continue to support and protect them – we are a family

· We will honor the outcome of the election, but we will continue to fight bigotry

· We will continue to empower them to be responsible members of a civic society that engage in thoughtful discussion to both understand and be understood

Our discussions in school today are a continuation of rich dialogue that our students regularly take part in as they consider their place in our world and the positive impact they can have on it.  Again, we are honored to stand alongside you in this grand cause.


In unity,

Joshua Beauregard

Head of School


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