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Month-by-Month College Application Checklist

September ✓ Create College List based on GPA match

✓ Create a list of Supplemental Essays required by the colleges on your College List

Write draft of Personal Statement

  • Share your drafts with your College Counselor ASAP!

Ask teachers for recommendations

  • Do this via email, so you have a record of your request

Gather information needed to complete the FAFSA

  • You will need (at least): 
    • Your SSN
    • Your custodial parent’s federal tax return from last year.

Attend College Fairs

October Apply to CUNY by mid-October

✓ See if you qualify for SUNY EOP Programs

✓ Decide whether you want to apply “Early Action/Early Decision” or Regular Admissions

✓ Finalize Personal Statement

  • Ask your College Counselor for feedback

✓ Complete FAFSA/TAP/CSS Profile

Check Student Aid Report (SAR) and make corrections if necessary

November Apply to SUNY by mid-November (including supplemental applications when necessary)

✓ Finalize Personal Statement

  • Make sure your College Counselor approves your Personal Statement!

Macaulay Honors application due November 16

✓ Submit Early Action/Early Decision Applications

✓ Follow up to make sure teachers have written and sent their letters of recommendation.

December ✓ Submit all applications by end of the month (if not earlier, depending on application deadlines)

Identify scholarships

✓ Check your email daily for updates regarding applications, Opportunity Programs, and  supplemental forms

January ✓ Check your email daily for additional information requests from colleges

✓ Re-take ELA or Math Regents for College Ready score (if applicable)

February ✓  Prepare for CUNY Assessment Tests (if applicable)

✓  Search and apply for scholarships using scholarship search engines (review the list of search engines at the bottom of this link)

March ✓  Check your email daily for responses from colleges

✓  Take college placement tests (if applicable)

✓  Meet with your College Counselor to review and compare financial aid packages

✓ Follow-up with special opportunity programs and attend CUNY ASAP meetings (if applicable)

April ✓  Meet with your College Counselor to review and compare financial aid packages

✓  Select college 

✓  Accept financial aid award

✓  Take placement tests (if necessary)

✓  Notify the Admissions Office of intent to enroll

✓  Review matriculation guides/steps to enroll

✓ Conduct transition meeting to Unity’s Alumni Success Program

✓ Send thank you notes to teachers/others who submitted letters of recommendation for you

✓ Prepare College Signing Day speech

✓ Contact college you will enroll in regarding required opportunity program paperwork (if applicable)

May ✓  Pay tuition deposit or submit waiver before deadline

✓  Complete Financial Aid entrance interview

✓  Complete Loan Application and sign Master  Promissory Note (if applicable)

✓  Submit housing forms and pay deposit (if applicable)

  • Access Residency Certificate for students enrolling

✓ Students should consider which colleges they will inform they are not attending

June ✓ Request Final Transcript be sent to College 

✓ Ensure all graduation requirements are met (Regents Exams, etc.)

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