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MS Summer Assignments

Dear Parents/Guardians:

As summer begins and a new normal unfolds, we hope you’re making plans to spend quality time together, safely venture outdoors, and hold space for continued learning and growing. Research shows that when students are not engaged in reading or learning activities during the summer, up to three months of learning can be lost.

This fall, it is estimated that the impact of COVID-19 and distance learning will significantly widen that gap. It is predicted that students will likely only retain up to 70% of reading and less than 50% of math learning gains. These losses can have continued and long-term effects. One of our plans to intentionally prevent regression and keep literacy skills sharp is through summer reading and Math activities.

All scholars must complete summer homework as outlined in the documents attached. An email update with the calendar for the coming school year will be sent by July 24th. For questions or concerns throughout the summer recess, please email info@unityprep.org or cburns@unityprep.org.


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