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The Unity Scoop at 432! Week of February 4th

Good day, families of Unity Junior High!

It feels great to be living in a slightly warmer New York City this week.  As I have said before, we are in this together and I want to thank all of our families for ensuring that your children were bundled up appropriately to make their way to school on Thursday and Friday of last week without a hitch.  It was business as usual at Unity.  If your child did happen to miss school last week due to the frigid temperatures, please connect with your child’s advisors and/or teachers to collect and complete any outstanding assignments.

We conclude our mid-year assessments with mathematics this week – students will be testing on Tuesday and Wednesday.  As mentioned last week, in partnering with you to provide the best support for your child, we ask that you check in with your child about what they are learning in math, show encouragement and excitement for the concepts they are learning, and help your child develop their independent study skills at home (see the article below). Finally, like any other day of school, we ask that you ensure that your child arrives to school on time, in uniform, and well-nourished from a healthy breakfast.

In this week’s edition of the 432 Scoop, I bring to you 7 important announcements.

This Week’s Top 8:

1. We do have school tomorrow, Tuesday, February 5th!  While DOE schools are off tomorrow, we do have a regular school day tomorrow, as indicated on our calendar.

2. Support Your Child at Home in Preparing for their Mathematics Interim Assessments this Week – We conclude interim assessments this week with students showing off what they have learned in their mathematics classes.  It is never too late to help your child in developing their study skills!  Here is a helpful article that details how you can support your child in studying at home so that they are performing at their very best on these exams.  Simply browse over the article and take part in those recommendations that you feel are most important to you and your child. Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s co-advisors and/or teachers directly for course-specific study tips.

3. Students Workshops in Honor of Black History, Wednesday, February 13th – All of our students will take part in workshops of their choice on the morning of Wednesday, 2/13.  Workshops center on honoring black history – workshop titles include Strength is Not Always Seen, I am Beautiful and I am Strong, Coloring Colorism – Speak Your Truth, and more.  Please contact Mr. Guerrero, 7th Grade Dean of Students, with questions at aguerrero@unityprep.org or (718) 455-5046.

4. Spend the Morning of Valentine’s Day at Coffee With The Principals on Thursday, February 14th at 8:30am – Mr. Burns and Mrs. Roy Gaines look forward to continuing their collaboration with you in just a few weeks.  For those who have yet to attend a session, there is no better way to spend your morning than with your child’s co-principals talking about all things Unity and your child’s education.  We welcome your participation and engagement as we prepare for a very busy spring season!

5. Two Field Trips Next Week, Friday, February 15th! – First, our 8th grade students will visit the New York Aquarium to view the “Ocean Wonders: Sharks” exhibit. Signed permission slips are due by February 8th. Contact Ms. Shebroe, Grade Level Leader of the 8th Grade, at lshebroe@unityprep.org or (718) 455-5046. Chaperones are welcome.

Second, Unity’s small group advisories will visit Clearpool to go snowshoeing, sledding, and maple-sugaring. Signed permission forms are by Wednesday, 2/6, at latest. Contact Ms. Conner with questions at lconner@unityprep.org or (718) 455-5046.

6. Support our Recruitment Efforts by Spreading the Good Word! – We kindly ask that all of our families take no more than five minutes to visit GreatSchools.org or our Google page to share with others what you appreciate about Unity and why you are proud to send your child to Unity.  Simply click HERE to access our Google page or HERE to go directly to the site to provide a review.  Thanks in advance – it means a lot to us and goes a long way in ensuring our long-term success in connecting with amazing families like you!

7. Reminder!  Our Next Open House for Prospective New Students is Tuesday, February 5th at 10am – We are holding open houses for prospective new families on the morning of February 5th and evening of March 20th (see exact times below).  We encourage our current families to invite other families whose child is entering middle school next year.  Contact Ms. Hefney with questions at fhefney@unityprep.org or (347) 460-7173.

  • Tuesday, February 5th at 10:00am
  • Wednesday, March 20th at 6:00pm

8. Reminder!  Career Day at Unity High on April 12th – We’d be Honored to Have you in Attendance! – Unity High will host its Third Annual Career Fair on Friday, April 12th.  During this networking event, students will meet with a number of adults and inquire about their work, professional background, and ask for tips/advice regarding entering their specific career field.  We are now actively recruiting adults from a range of career fields.  We hope to have at least fifty adults from a variety of career fields including, but not limited to: design (graphic design, animation, architecture), science (biology/marine biology, chemists), visual arts, self-employed entrepreneurs, law enforcement, medicine/healthcare, law, private business, performing arts, and humanities-related careers.  Should you or anyone in your network be interested in participating in the Career Fair, please complete the Unity Prep Career Fair Interest Survey.  Contact Mr. Gonzalez, Unity High’s Director of College & Career Readiness at egonzalez@unityprep.org or (347) 439-2634 with questions.


Resources for Families:


Wishing the entire Unity community a terrific week!


Best regards,

Mr. Beauregard


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