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All of high school culminates in the moment a student declares what program, school, or job the person will enter following graduation. Years ago, Former First Lady Michelle Obama turned this moment into a wonderful tradition; schools and communities gathered to celebrate young people as they shared for the first time what they would be doing following high school. On April 29th, 2022, Unity proudly joined this tradition and celebrated its senior class as they unveiled their decisions. Here are the highlights.

  • Graphs illustrating admission rates, comparison to local, state, and national groups and subgroups

  • Research basis for our approach (of all the methods, why have we devised the approach we currently use?)

  • Logos of colleges our students have earned admission to

  • Pivot table illustrating where our graduates go for post-secondary learning/training

  • List of the issues we address, the ways our model addresses the issues, and connections to results

  • Enrollment rate (per year?) for Unity vs. nation, subgroups?

  • Persistence and “employment/enrollment rate” rate (vs. unemployed/unenrolled) vs. nation, subgroups

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