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Field trips

Field trips and field lessons are important parts of our educational model, and there will be many opportunities for students to learn outside of our school building. Unity field trips are defined as trips that classes of students take that are not within walking distance of the school and involve more than one class period. Field lessons, on the other hand, include trips within walking distance of the school that typically last one class period. See page 60 for additional information on our Field Trip and Field Lesson policies.

For all field trips that require transportation, either on bus or subway, parents and guardians will be required to sign a written permission slip. Students who do not return a permission slip signed by a parent or guardian by the date specified on the slip will not be allowed to go on the trip. Because field trips and lessons are a critically important part of our educational model, we expect all students to attend all trips. An absence from a field trip will be treated the same way as an absence from a regular school day.

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