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Make-up Work Policy

Late Work and Make-up Work

Any assignment (classwork or homework) that is submitted or completed after the assigned deadline without documentation will be penalized 10 percentage points (or 1 point off Unity’s 4-point rubric). Missing assignments are marked as “0” in Unity teachers’ grade books. Students who are absent for any reason should contact their teachers immediately after any absence to request missing assignments. When possible, students and families should notify teachers and/or the main office regarding any anticipated absence from school. See pages 17 and 18 (Attendance and Tardiness) for more information about Unity’s policies and procedures regarding absences and tardiness.

Students may request missing work by submitting a “Missing Assignment Request” form to their teacher and completing the assignment within 2 weeks of the original due date. Teachers will then have 2 weeks to update the late work in their grade books. Work submitted more than 2 weeks late will not receive credit.

Vacation Work

To keep students’ skills sharp, families can expect that Unity teachers will assign homework of some kind during all school vacations. Assignments will be provided to students on the day prior to the start of the vacation and, unless otherwise noted, are due on the day students return to school from vacation.

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