MS Boys Basketball

D. Pearsall

S. Gabor

M. Greene-St. Louis

M. Washington

S. Cox

Q. Payton

A. Hairs

A. Johnson

J. Joseph

I. Joseph

H. Joseph

J. Gordon

Q. Olajide

This was the last regular season basketball game for the Unity Panthers and it was a fun end, even though it was not a victory.  The Panthers suffered their 8th loss of the season, however, it was a fun loss.  Lead by Marquis St. Louis-Green (8th grade) in scoring, Unity started off the game with 9 straight points, afterwards there were 6 turnovers. It also marked the first set of points scored all season by Quamdeen Olajide (7th grade). Olajide was joined defensively, by Adonis Hairs (8th grade) and Simon Gabor (7th grade).  Though the season did end on a high note score wise, the boys of Unity bonded during this last night.  Final game of the season will be this Thursday in the Student vs. Faculty game.
– Coach Patrick
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