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Alley Olivier is a Brooklyn, New York native with a passion for community. This obsession has shifted her path away from entertainment journalism to a career in education and coaching. Alley is the founding head coach of Unity Prep High School’s nationally ranked Unity Queen Steppers step team, senior ELA teacher, and newly appointed co-principal in residence for the upcoming 2022-23 school year. In her seven years of coaching and teaching, Alley has earned her Masters in Education from Relay Graduate School of Education and has been awarded the Double Goal Coach Award from Positive Coaching Alliance – currently, she is the only nationally recognized step coach to receive this prestigious award. Presently, Alley is pursuing her Masters in Business Administration at Hofstra University and intends to use this degree in concert with others to launch her own community center, Legacy House, alongside being a school leader. When Alley isn’t engrossed in all things step and education, she can be found checking off her travel bucket list or roasting her own coffee in Brooklyn.

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